Jewel of the Caribbean

When the explorer Christopher Columbus described Jamaica as the fairest island he had ever seen, he set the stage for countless millions of visitors who have since been enchanted and captivated by its beauty and charm.

Jamaica has something for everyone. It’s a country teeming with life and offering a diversity unequalled by any other Caribbean island. This is what makes Jamaica such an ideal cruise destination – one that’s conveniently located on the main shipping routes of the western Caribbean and one that is accessible from all major North American home ports as part of a leisurely sevenday or longer itinerary.

Jamaica’s main cruise ports, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, are equipped to handle the largest cruise ships afloat and offer a full range of services and facilities. Beautiful Port Antonio is an idyllic call for boutique cruise ships and megayachts.

The history and culture of Jamaica provide a source of much fascination, from the relics of swashbuckling pirates who made Port Royal their favourite haunt, to the colourful diversity of the presentday population – reflecting their ethnic origins in Africa, Asia and Europe.
No experience of Jamaica would be complete withouttasting the island’s often fiery cuisine or listening to its world-acclaimed reggae music. Jamaica is blessed with abundant wildlife, spectacular trees and flowers.

The island’s tour companies can provide cruise passengers with an exciting array of special activities and excursions. Jamaica’s past is crammed with tales of buccaneers, great battles, hidden treasure and slavery. Today the island that launched a thousand Caribbean dreams is there to make yours come true, too.

The Jamaican experience is a unique blend of adventure and delight - one that will live in the memory long after the visitor has left its shores.

Culinary delight

Sampling the delights of Jamaica’s culinary heritage is a must for all visitors. Many of the island’s varied cooking styles and ingredients can be traced back hundreds of years to settlers from far-off lands. Hints of classical Spanish, a pinch of English traditionalism, large spoonfuls of Indian and Chinese spice with a selection of ingredients from Africa can all be found in the sensational assortment of dishes that today make up Jamaican cuisine.

Shop around the dock

Whatever else it may be, shopping in Jamaica is unadulterated fun – browsing and exploring shop windows, market streets and galleries, looking for that not-to-bemissed bargain to take home. A treasure trove of merchandise is awaiting those who are willing to go that bit further to hunt down a bargain. Often a long line of shops can be seen all enticing the visitor to delight in the sheer diversity and value-for-money of their goods.

Going ashore?

Jamaica has it all. Few cruise destinations can match the sheer range of services and attractions available in Jamaica. For passengers wishing to start or finish their cruise in Jamaica, the island has two international airports: Sangster International Airport at Montego Bay and Norman Manley International Airport near Kingston. Getting around Jamaica is simplicity itself thanks to a wide choice of connections by air, road and by public transport.