The destination that attracts visitors who are looking for an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Cruise Jamaica is here to ensure your cruise to Jamaica is one of the best experiences of your life. Jamaica is the ‘original’ destination in the Caribbean, and Cruise Jamaica wants you to return to our shores many times more.

cruise-jamaicaYou know how special Jamaica is when you see the color of the Caribbean Sea, at times it can be described as a bright turquoise, shading off into the deepest blue. Wait for our sunsets, which are a range of colors from purple to pale yellow, only to be matched by the bougainvillea and hibiscus that line our roads.

Our seas are calm, the breeze soft and perfumed with the array of flowers and fruit waiting to greet the visiting cruise line passenger. Our people are friendly, our music known throughout the world for its exuberance and heavy beat. Our beaches are fun filled or quiet, just as you need them to be.

Jamaica offers special trips or tours organized to include each member of the family. Activities, lessons, personalized walking tours, or just relaxing on one of our white-sand beaches, partying with a rum punch in hand, or snorkeling with your partner beside one of our coral reefs. Cruise Jamaica is here to make sure the visitor has a special time, that the cruise organizers have all the amenities they require to ensure they can easily meet the expectations of their passengers.

Is there something you would like to see that we have not yet thought about? Then get in touch and let us know.