Montego Bay

The complete resort

Montego Bay

They came by steamer in the 1920s, lured by the tales of a Garden of Eden on a sapphire sea. And by the curative powers of the waters at Doctor’s Cave Beach. Today, they come for even more reasons – championship golf courses, beautiful beaches, historical great houses, the Harbour Street market and, of course, the restaurants and entertainment that only Jamaica can provide. Montego Bay offers something for everyone and is aptly named ‘The Complete Resort’.

Montego Bay is an ideal destination for cruise passengers. A host of activities and attractions provide the perfect day off the boat. Few experiences will compare with a day of rafting down the Martha Brae. Or a walk along the ‘Hip Strip’, where Jamaica comes alive day and night with food, music, souvenir shops, water sports and a casino-like gaming lounge. History and culture enthusiasts will enjoy a tour of one of the area’s great houses, such as the 18th-century Rose Hall, where you’ll hear the tale of Annie Palmer’s ghost. Or there is the Bird Feeding Station, a working plantation to explore. So, while few still come for a Doctor’s Cave treatment, everyone finds MoBay just what the doctor ordered.

Port details

Airport: Sangster International Airport is 3.1 km from the seaport.

Anchorage: Open roadstead 5 to 6 fathoms about half a mile from shore designated Anchorage A may be reserved in advance through harbour master in Kingston.

Approach: Marked channel. Day or night entry possible. Straight passage 1,500 ft long, minimum width 400 ft and depth 34 ft.

Bunkers: All grades available, but notice required.

Facilities: Anchorage, water, provisions, bunkers by prior arrangement, pilotage, towage.

Location: 18°29’25”N, 77°55’56”W.

Medical aid: Cornwall Regional Hospital.

Pilotage: Agents alert Pilotage Department on ship’s ETA and ETD at least three hours before required time. Pilot boards and guides ship in and out of channel. Pilotage charges are calculated according to grt. Pilot boards one mile out of harbour.

Provisions: Available.

Tenders: Ship’s tenders can land at Montego Freeport by prior arrangement.

Towage: Available.

Turning basin: 1,600 ft diameter with minimum depth of 34 ft.

Water: Fresh water readily available. Average rate of delivery is 30 tonnes per hour.

Weather: Winds N, NE, ENE, E, ESE, 87 per cent, NNW, NW, WNW four per cent. Wind speed 11 to 16 knots 40 per cent, in excess of 21 knots 2.5 per cent. Windiest months November to March. Strongest winds from NNE, NE, ENE, reaching maximum from the east. Tides: 25.4 cm at MHW.

Berth Usable length Depth alongside Max ship’s draught
Berth 2 700 ft 32 ft 6 in 29 ft 10 in
Berth 3 525 ft 22 ft 6 in 20 ft 4 in
Berth 4 525 ft 21 ft 6 in 19 ft 4 in
Berth 5 700 ft 34 ft 31 ft 6 in
Berth 6 700 ft 34 ft 31 ft 6 in