Port Antonio

The resort that captivated Hollywood

Port Antonio

Port Antonio was once a thriving banana shipping port. In fact, the well-known Banana Boat Song (‘Day-O’) originated here and was chanted by men and women as they loaded the boats.

Today, Port Antonio is a quaint seaside town that is perfect for romance. Visitors are surrounded by open seas and towering mountains, while the roadsides are framed with wild orchids, bananas, tree ferns 
and palms.

Port Antonio is a dream town that offers cruise passengers a glimpse into the natural world. Visitors will find adventure in the Blue Mountains, magic in the calming, ‘bottomless’ Blue Lagoon and mystery in the Nonsuch Caves. Others may relax on a raft down the Rio Grande or marvel at two nearby waterfalls, Somerset and Reach Falls.

Port Antonio also offers great one-day excursions that include gardens and mansions to tour or beaches for sunning and water sports. Errol Flynn said that Port Antonio was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. We are sure that you will agree.

Port details

Airports: Sangster International Airport, Boscobel Domestic Airport, Ken Jones Airport.

Anchorage: No anchorage.

Approach: Via access channel. Reefs extend one cable west from Port Point and 4.5 cables east from One Bush Point. Channel (to West Harbour): Depth 29 ft to 45 ft. Recommended draught 26 ft. Width 200 ft. Turning basin: Ample space to turn largest vessel allowed in harbour.

Bunkers: All grades available with notice.

Facilities: Anchorage, pilotage, water, provisions, bunkers by arrangement.

Location: East Harbour: 18°10’50”N, 76°26’50”W, West Harbour: 18°11’N, 76°27’20”W.

Medical aid: Port Antonio Hospital.

Pilot: Pilot pick-up one mile north of entrance.

Pilotage: Agents alert Pilotage Department on ship’s ETA and ETD at least three hours before required time. Pilot boards and guides ships in and out of channel. Pilotage charges are calculated according to grt.

Provisions: Available.

Tenders: Not available. Ship’s own tenders can land at Port Antonio Marina with prior permission.

Towage: None.

Water: Fresh water readily available. Volume allocated based on vessel’s grt.

Weather: NE winds prevail by day, SE by night. NE winds are strongest between May and October. Negligible tides.

Berth Usable length Depth alongside Max ship’s draught
Pier (West Harbour) Ken Wright Cruise 
Ship Berth
650 ft 29 ft 26 ft
Boundbrook United 
Fruit Co Berth
 500 ft 29 ft 26 ft